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This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about our guest house. Please check here for answers before sending email to us.

List of questions
  1. Can I getback the deposit once I cancel the booking?
  2. Sorry, according to the terms and conditions, if you cancel the reservation before 14 days of your arrival day, 50% of deposit will be charged as administrative fee. There will be no refund if you cancel the reservation within 14 days.
  3. What is the fine when I carelessly broke the lamp or others?
  4. We have listed the prices of each item at the reception and inside each room.
  5. What is 'Self check in and check out'?
  6. No staff will be at the reception. After balance payment, we will send 3 access codes to your e-mail account for entering our guest house (one for entering the building, one for entering our guest house and one for entering your room). So you can access the guest house yourself.
  7. What is access code?
  8. Electronic keypads are installed at the entrance of building, our guest house and our rooms. Therefore, guests need 3 access codes to enter the building, guest houes and the room correspondingly.
  9. What is 'Housekeeping every other day'?
  10. Our staff will only clean your room every other day during your accommodation here.
  11. Can I leave my luggage before the check in time or after the check out time?
  12. You can leave your luggage if there is empty place and not to obstruct the counter area. Please kindly understand that we haven't staff to guard your luggage and our staff will stay at the guest house from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm only. Therefore we are not responsible for any missing and damage if that happen unfortunately. Also, we would like to remind you not to leave your valuables.
  13. Can I make a early booking as no such availability calendar shown on the website?
  14. Yes. We are glad to make a early reservation for you. Please contact us kindly and make the enquiry.
  15. When should I pay the balance?
  16. For balance payment, we will send a money request via Paypal to your e-mail account before 7 days of your arrival day. Please pay the balance within 2 days.
  17. May I request a extra bed?
  18. We are sorry that there is no extra bed provided.
  19. I don't have a Paypal account or credit card, can I deposit the money to your bank account?
  20. Yes, you can. Please noticed that a high transfer charge will be collected by the bank.
  21. I used credit card to pay but it was rejected and I don't have a Paypal account. How can I pay the balance?
  22. We would suggest you to pay by another credit card. Also, you can deposit the money to our bank account. However, please noticed that a high transfer charge will be collected by the bank.
  23. I don't have a Paypal account, can I make an online reservation?
  24. Sure. You can make the payment by your credit card. You can take a reference of 'How to book' tutorial on our home page.
  25. My flight will take off at night, could I delay my check out time?
  26. We are sorry that late checkout is not allowed. It is because your room might have been reserved for other guests. Therefore, any late check out will be charged for administrative fee. However, you can still leave your luggage near the counter area. Please read Q6 for details.
  27. If I make a reservation here, could I have a discount package for Disneyland or Ocean Park tickets?
  28. We are sorry that no ticket and package provided.
  29. I want to change my travel plan to Hong Kong. Since I have reserved a room before, could I forward the deposit to another stay period?
  30. Guests couldn't forward the desposit to another stay period. We would suggest you to either change or cancel the accommodation. Please be aware of administrative fee may be charged. For details, please refer to Terms and Conditions.
  31. Shall we make a group reservation? What is the maximum number of people can accommodate?
  32. Sure. The maximum number of people can accommodate is equal to the total number of people of 3 rooms.